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Healing after Surgery

Getting close to completing my next online tuning forks course and sharing in it about how sound can be used post surgery to benefit the body. There are 3 stages of wound healing. The first is the inflammatory phase where it’s vital to increase blood flow, oxygenate the tissues, reduce swelling, increase anti bacterial [...]

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111Hz and pain

So heartening to receive more positive feedback from a customer who purchased a 111Hz fork for her husband. “My husband, (who had a shocking diagnosis of 4th stage metastatic prostatic cancer in the bones on Aug. 2), uses the fork twice daily on hip joints, spine, sacrum, sternum, and other place scans have shown [...]

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Cellular Sonics for Bodyworkers

Want to update your First Aid kit? I remember when I was growing up, my mother‘s medical kit at home had pills for headaches, chemical creams for wounds, deep heat gel for muscle tension and more. After I left home, I then left a Great Ormond St children’s nursing career, looking for other [...]

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International Online Sound Summit 2019

I was super excited and honoured to co-host this summit with Thornton Streeter of the Energy Medicine Exchange back in October 2019, and feature my top picks for expert speakers who are offering really profound sound healing remedies for our changing times! The theme for the summit was for each speaker to share about [...]

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Are all solfeggio audios the same?

After producing the solfeggio sound healing audio called The Unity Codes back in 2009, I realised the other day that I haven't really shared what makes that solfeggio sound healing audio so different to anything else you might have heard.  It's always nice to share about all the love and healing focus that’s gone [...]

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Tuning Forks and Spheres

These are great when your clients are already in a deeply relaxed and blissed out space and you’re then going to use tuning forks onto the energy centres and meridian points on their head as I do in my Earthing Tuning Fork sessions as shown in my online course here!  Even though using them [...]

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Tuning Forks and Fibroids

Clearing Congestion with Tuning Forks for a client with Fibroids Had another lovely testimonial from a happy client using tuning.  I love how effective they are at really shifting energy and pain, as I take the view that pain is just energy trying to move, and as long as you co-create with the client [...]

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Why Solfeggio?

There are so many sounds we can give to the body, and the piano was only invented a few hundred years ago, but the Universe has been around for considerably longer!  Prime numbers as shown by Dr Peter Plichta in his book "God's Secret Formula" are the building blocks of the Universe and found [...]

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Dance to Heal

Many shamans when visited by a sick person who wants them to heal them, the shaman will "when did you stop singing?" and "when did you stop dancing?" These are great questions, because dancing and singing can help us step back into the moment, help move energy, uplift our spirit, keep us vital and [...]

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