I had an interesting synchronicity meeting Carl Munson of www.trayradio.com from Exeter down at my local healthfood store this week in Kingston upon Thames and we had a quick chat about 2012.

2012 means many different things to many different people. There is, however, a growing sense that it’s not only the London Olympics that are heading our way!

So is it all about the end of the world or the apocalypse or could it be a turning point for humanity?

And what does apocalypse really mean?  Is it really all doom and gloom?  Absolutely not!

Here, I talk to BonPom’s Carl Munson about my views on what may be the focal point for a shift in human consciousness…

Link to his website here

Check out the podcast below.  Oops (!!!) meant to say athletes instead of musicians about the Olympics but hey was a bit put on the spot as I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed whilst doing my food shopping!

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