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Zu Studios
Phoenix Place
Phoenix Industrial Estate
Lewes  BN7 2QJ

from 8pm for a 9pm global meditation till midnight!
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Dear Friends and Family!

This is a global meditation happening at Zu Studios and I will also be giving a short talk on the significance of these sacred sonic keys after the meditation and the importance of 111 at this time for humanity in the lead up to 2012!!!

There are lots of meditations going on round the world and tuning in either at 9.09am tomorrow or 9.09pm. The choice is yours!

Tune in with to the unity vibration and your solar self (your divinity) and help recode and amplify the crystalline energy of both Earth and yourself!  999 is a multiple of 111 x 9 which are both important sacred numbers and 111 is one of the main frequencies I work with and corresponds to the microcosm of the human body and also to our solar divinity, and so it is a powerful energy to activate our own solar consciousness so whether you want to call that Christ self, Buddha, Krishna, or simply your own sovereign divinity, religion isn’t what it’s about, simply reconnecting with your true spirit-u-all nature!

Tune in with us and harmonise your heart with the One by toning “Ah” or “Yam” which are both heart opening sounds and you can use the following mantra to program your body consciousness to tune in with this important vibration. This is the easiest way of tuning to the vibration since it is quite low for most people to sing.

“I now ask the frequency of 111 cycles per second (Hertz) to resonate in the DNA of every cell in my body right now” and say this 3 times and then visualise a waterfall of coloured light (maybe gold or pink or white or rainbow or whatever your body guides you to use) and see that light pouring down through the top of your head all the way out through your feet and hands and see that light as sparkly and transparent lighting up every cell as this helps the body shift into unity consciousness on many levels! You can also visualise the Flower of Life, see image below.

Unity Flower of Life We are One sacred geometry
If you are interested to work further with this frequency I have just released a CD entitled the Da Vinci Code of Sound – Zobet Ascension Series 1: 111Hz. This is shortly to be available as a download on this website. Email me for more info if you are interested! or check the Media/Downloads section click here for the link.

Also, join with Tyberonn/Earth-Keeper team in activation of the dormant Atlantean Emerald Crystal of Healing. This 999 transmission of energy is triggering further activation of other powerfully influencing crystal formations in the Earth including the Om Crystal of Multidimensionality in Mt. Shasta, the Golden Crystal of Healing in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and the Sun Moon Crystal of Light in Lake Titicaca.

A unified ceremony of more than 300 lightbearers wil be present at the Arkansas vortex on 9 September 2009.

According to Tyberonn, founder of Earth-Keeper, the reverberation of the Emerald Crystal will flash an electro-crystalline wave that will instantly awaken the other dormant master Atlantean power crystals. The planetary Crystalline Grid will be further strengthened into 75% functionality.

According to Dr Carl-Johan Calleman (Mayan Calendar expert) this date plays a profound objective role in the cosmic plan as we may understand this from the Mayan calendar directly leading up to the birth of a new world through the Ninth level, 9..9.9. It is an IDEAL time to participate in prayers and meditations with the focus and intention of co-creating a new and better world.

Regardless of what this final climb will mean we thus have reasons to expect an unprecedented period of change in a very short period of time. This is partly because we are entering the final phase of the eighth level of evolution and partly because a wave movement of a very high frequency, the Ninth level, will radically come to transform the collective consciousness in such a way that we will see the world in an entirely different light. It is for this reason that in the three upcoming Sacred Calendar rounds that follow upon 9.9.9 we will need to network and focus our intentions so that they converge in the birth of a new world. This is all the more important as there are several sources that seem to indicate that the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on November 8, 2009, may come to generate a deep downturn in the world’s economy.

Although what is starting on 9.9.9 is only the build-up phase to the Ninth level, this date is nonetheless a very important focusing point since the timing of the continued preparations for the emergence of this level are of the essence. From this follows that the more practical projects that will start to manifest in the Cosmic Convergence, July 17-18 2010 as the name implies, will have to be based on an understanding that the very framework of the human existence and of consciousness will be dramatically expanded. The expansion of human consciousness is what will bring the socio-economic transformation at a time when the hardships of the old systems may be expected to be painfully felt also by nations that currently may been considered as wealthy. As the Ninth level is finally activated our identities will come to be defined in a much expanded spiritual framework.

Full  article: http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/999_and_the_mayan_calendar.htm

We look forward to joining with you on the inside!

We are One!!!

and please network to all your friends and family too!

In peace and love