Energy FlowsThis is the copy of a testimonial from a lady who did an introductory Body Sonics workshop with me in March 2013, using the power of her voice to shift negative emotions from the past and then move beyond.  What is important to note is that in order to break an old habit, we need to fully express the depths of our pain, right to the root of it, holding that little girl or boy inside us tenderly as a mother would that whole time, and put in place new behaviours that support a positive outlook, so we then come from the truth of who we are, rather than any past conditioning or negativity.  In short, keep weeding the garden, till it’s done!

“Last weekend I participated in your 2 hour workshop at the Byron Spirit Festival. I’ve felt compelled to get in touch with you, to let you know the profound effect this experience has had on me.

The partner exercise we did around expressing fear through sound and then in turn expressing love in the same manner was so incredibly healing for me. For years I’ve struggled to express any sort of anger and the first part of this exercise truly cut down all the barriers I have around this emotion. I was lucky to be partnered with a lady who was totally present and accepting of whatever I expressed, which i can see was a fundamental component of the exercise. I immediately felt lighter and more open to receiving my feelings and continued to feel more electric in the days that followed. Friends have noticed that I look different and commented on my appearance.

The other incredible thing which has occurred is that for the past seven months I have been suffering from a tachycardia arrhythmia where by my heart rate goes completely erratic and up to 200bpm when I’m at rest. This can happen any where from a few times a day to dozens. It’s been horrible to live with and I’ve tried all sorts of methods of coping. Since your workshop, I haven’t experienced any arrhythmia of my heart and I feel as though the misfiring cells in my heart tissue have been healed. This is a massive call… but I have an inner knowing this is true.

 Thank you for sharing these tools and helping me on my spiritual path”.

Love and light, Geri.

2nd email (2 weeks later):

“I was feeling quite disheartened because my arrhythmia ended up returning a week after the festival and so I was coming to terms with that. Although this is disappointing, I am also learning to love my whole body and pay attention to my overall wellbeing. I believe conditions such as these are a way of re-aligning us back to our natural healthy state”.

Ashera’s comments: “It is wonderful to hear that Geri had a very positive healing experience using the power of her voice and the solfeggio frequencies, but with her condition returning, it highlighted the important fact that for a permanent shift to occur, she needs to do further work.  I used to believe that one session or attunement with the frequencies would be sufficient to re-align someone but what I have realized over the years of giving sessions to many people that living in this Western society we have developed many unhealthy habits (and the impacts from technology such as computers, wifi, mobiles, cordless phones, bluetooth, SMART meters etc are challenging the very delicate bio-electrics of the body creating cancers and ungrounding us (See for further info on his Schumann Resonance paper).  We are used to taking a pill for this and a pill for that and we want a quick fix, but in truth for a complete vibrational shift to occur, it requires our full focus and commitment to achieve the end result of full health and harmony on all levels.  I liken a sound healing session to doing a detox or going to the chiropractor.  Most people think that one liver detox or colon cleanse will be enough to sort out their body but if we look honestly at how many years we have been mistreating it, say you got into a more healthy lifestyle at age 25 or 35, then you have had 25 or 35 years of living an unhealthy lifestyle to deal with, and cleansing doesn’t just happen overnight.  Even the author of “Cleanse and Purify” (Dr Richard Andersen) is still cleansing and he’s been into detoxing for years!  or for the chiropractic adjustment to fully hold, we have to start using our bodies differently, get regular massage to relax the tense muscles so they can re-position and stay in that more harmonious state.

Having worked with biophysicist Dr John Rogerson (creator of biofield imaging technology as seen on the Tuning Fork Session page here in terms of studying the effects of the frequencies, our recommendation would be at least 10 sound therapy sessions in order to put the body into a newly tuned up state, combined with an effective health/detox protocol assisted by trained health professionals (e.g. blood microscopist (blood analysis, colonic hydrotherapist etc) that then enables you to make a permanent shift which can be supplemented with regular listening of the solfeggio frequencies (The Unity Codes – click here for full info) to support you in feeling tuned in and balanced on all levels.  Also any other old unhealthy habits would need to be addressed as well.  I offer health coaching (in person or via Skype) that can help highlight where your main areas of challenge are and if you would like to know more please click here for my Health Coaching page or if you have any questions please feel free to email me direct, click here.