Two hearts meet as One!!!

(What the Zobet looks like when put through an oscilloscope.
Interestingly when the same is done with Western tuning music
i.e. the normal piano scale music – no geometry is created!)

Saturday 22 August 2009
at the Angel House,
1 Brunswick Terrace,
Hove (Brighton) BN3 1HN

Booking essential by payment of a £24 deposit (click here for Shop)
to secure your place as space is limited

Free parking is available after 6pm on the seafront nearby
and for a map of the area click here and zoom in!

(Weekly classes planned for London, Glastonbury and Bristol
Dates to be confirmed)

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Come and journey with us deep into the world of sacred remembrance of your divine origins!

These sounds can help clear the vibration of fear/separation (i.e. “I’m all alone in the world”) that we’ve held in our DNA/cells for millenia.

Science is already using these sacred healing codes for repairing DNA (as they tap in at an atomic level) and they can also help activate your own DNA in preparation for the 2012 gateway of ascension.

Solfeggio sound healing workshop

For more info on Ashera, click here

At the end of the day,
participants will have a chance to experience
these de-light-full celestial codes in a sacred sound journey
with specially-tuned crystal bowls, tuning forks
and an exquisitve copper pipe xylophone.

It makes sense to now return to universal tunings
in order for us, as a species, to learn to walk
a path of harmony and help secure our future on the planet

If you’re a sound healer come and take
your sound healing to the next level
or if you’re someone who’s fascinated
by the magic of sound to heal, come and join us.
(No previous experience is necessary)

The body's Mer-ka-ba

and if you’d like to book me for a talk
or workshop in your area, I am open to sharing this
important information wherever I am called!

For more info or other workshop dates,
please email Ashera