Activate your DNA/Divine Blueprint

with the Da Vinci Code of Sound

with Ashera Hart

5-7 June 2009 at Raw Spirit Festival

on Sunday 7 June 2-3.45pm

(Interactive Playshops area)

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Two hearts meet as One!!!

(What the Zobet looks like when put through an oscilloscope.
Interestingly when the same is done with Western tuning music
i.e. the normal piano scale music – nothing happens!)

(Other workshops planned are in Glastonbury
Dates to be confirmed)

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Sound is an amazing tool for spiritual awakening and development. Mystics have long known that sound can be utilised to accelerate their evolutionary path; to harmonise and balance, and expand the channel to higher sources of guidance and wisdom. On this workshop you will have an opportunity to experience the healing and awakening power of the Zobet (some may know as the original solfeggio/Gregorian chant) and during this brief workshop you will learn some aspects of the following:-

  • How sound can heal and how your voice can heal too
  • How the piano scale is out of tune with universal harmony
  • The connection between your body and the Fibonacci sequence (the “signature of God” underlying nature and every facet of the Universe)
  • How sound can help harmonise your body’s own sacred geometry with the earth and the universe to feel more focused, centred and grounded.
  • The ancient numbers/frequencies of the Zobet (or Solfeggio/original Gregorian chant) from a Gematria perspective (the spiritual study of numbers) and how it can help you access specific spiritual qualities and bring more peace into your life.
  • How it relates to your body’s light field (your Merkaba) as described in the Flower of Life workshops taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
  • Which spiritual traditions make reference to this mathemagical language e.g. the Bible, the Quran, the Hopi, the Keys of Enoch, Rosslyn Chapel.
  • What dis-eases these healing codes can be used for.
  • How it can help you de-stress and re-align – clearing the frequency of fear/separation (i.e. “I’m all alone in the world”) in preparation for the 2012 gateway of ascension.
  • How science is already using these sounds for repairing DNA (and how they tap in at an atomic level) and how it can activate your own DNA

The body's Mer-ka-ba

At the end of the day,
participants will have a chance to experience
these de-light-full celestial codes in a sacred sound journey
with specially-tuned crystal bowls and tuning forks

It makes sense to now return to universal tunings
in order for us, as a species, to learn to walk
a path of harmony and help secure our future on the planet

If you’re a sound healer come and take
your sound healing to the next level
or if you’re someone who’s fascinated
by the magic of sound to heal, come and join us.
(No previous experience is necessary)