The Light Template of the Universe!

The Light Template of the Universe!

Hi everyone

For those of you who don’t already know about the Flower of Life, YouTube has a great series of videos with Drunvalo Melchizedek teaching about this unity symbol/light template of the entire Universe and it’s great info for joining the dots with many different ideas.

It’s also a great thing to use to activate the pineal gland (located in the centre of the brain between the 3rd eye and the occiput/back of your head) during healing work as it reminds the body where it comes from. I have often used it to dispel negativity if a fight or argument is going off and the results can be quite amazing, e.g. where the argument simply dissipates and there are hugs all round. I really do believe that miracles are possible. It can also be used in any public space to unify the group and generally help the planet remember its divine origins. Click on the pic to view the pic creator’s awesome sacred geometric jewellery!

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I so look forward to all humanity enjoying the next level of Be-in-ness!

In Love and Truth

Peace-full vibrations to You!!!