Bees are dying globally up to 90% in some areas and birds and swarms of bees are literally dropping out of the skies onto the oceans.

In London, about 4,000 hives – two-thirds of the bee colonies in the capital – were estimated to have died over last winter – THIS IS SERIOUS FOLKS! We HAVE to DO something!

So what’s the cause?

Some say chemtrails (the chemical deposits distributed by airplanes crossing the skies, look up in the sky tomorrow morning!), pesticides or our electro-smogged out (electro-magnetic radiation) skies from mobile phones, wifi, bluetooth, cordeless DECT phones are to blame. Time to make a change  and return to a natural way of life don’t you think?  What’s your choice?  Convenience or a future?  This is indeed an inconvenient Truth!

There’s plenty on YouTube about it. Please network about this to protect our future as it’s the only one we got!

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