I love this video about healing the body with the mind. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I say this to every client I work with, and as long as they can get out of their own way, and they get on board with the idea they can fully reverse their symptoms and heal as soon as they’re ready, which is so true, they absolutely do! For example, every Body Sonics sound healing client who’s put in the regular practice of just 7-20 minutes a day has got great results, some might call miracles!! When are we ready to create the life we want? Have we had enough of the old way of doing it? Sometimes it’s only when the need to DO outweighs the need NOT to do, that we finally make the shift.

This video is packed with lots of inspirational concepts and the same is true of our subconscious blocks that are running the show. We are limitless beings and if we are a walking holographic projection and you could change any limitation you’ve got running, what would you change? 

I’ve been working with sound healing since 2001, and I’ve trained widely with some of the world’s top experts on healing with sound using either tuning forks or the power of the voice.  I’ve also trained in rebirthing, trauma release breathwork and bodywork and am a recognised training provider of the Therapeutic Sound Association UK and a member of the Sound Healing Association international registry. 

Through my own personal experience, research, and work with clients, I’ve created different kinds of VTP modalities, which are Vibrational Transformation Processes to benefit not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.  More on my Shift It Break Through Blocks here and Body Sonics here.  As I tend to travel widely internationally, between Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, many of my sessions are also available via Skype as sound healing easily travels through the internet!   If you feel called to book a session with me, please go here to learn more about the different ones available and to book a session, please go here.