Just heard about the Government wanting to install wifi-type SMART meters for our electricity supply in EVERY HOUSE in the UK! Very damaging to our health. We need to say NO otherwise our health is SERIOUSLY at risk! Click here for website link and also here

Even though we have the power to do anything, we are still in a state of transition to being all that we are and raising our body’s vibration or frequency to a place where nothing can touch us (just like a yogi in India transmuting his coffee each morning!!) so it’s important to become aware of the effect of electro-smog on our bodies.  Even if you don’t use a DECT cordless phone (which carries a health warning in Europe), or use wi-fi internet, or bluetooth on your phone, or indeed don’t have a mobile at all, if these meters come in next year, we won’t have a choice about whether our bodies are bombarded with 2.4 GHz of electro-magnetic radiation or not.

Anyone want to network a petition
on the No.10 website or write to your local MP?