27 November 2010
Haslemere Museum
78 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LA
Workshop: 12-5pm Concert 7-9pm
TIM WHEATER and friends

A BEAUTIFUL DAY OF HEALING SOUNDS, creativity, reiki, movement,and psychic intuition. With a “Sound Alchemy” evening Concert featuring TIM with friends on stage (including live channelling from Ashera Hart with solfeggio sound chimes) (Lynn Gosney, Lee Gosney-Hunt from Touch the Earth, Karen Grace and Mike Ford and Susi Micklethwait). Simple voice, mantra, toning and chan…ts, flutes, drums,rattles, chimes, tuning forks, sound chair, bowls, and planetary gongs….Wow ! An in-depth hands on experience and journey of sacred sound. The concert draws upon ancient sound frequencies renowned for their healing properties. acting as a portal to the divine and loving self. Wonderful sounds,harmony,balance, friendship and good vibrations.

Beingology presents an opportunity to experience a days workshop in sound healing. Sound alchemist Tim will lead you through an afternoon of sacred sound, mantra and introduce you to the magical solfeggio frequencies, ancient sound frequencies renowned for their healing properties. You will learn aboutthe science behind the sound and discover the healing effect of these sounds on the body and the mind.

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Tim will be joined with psychic healer Kim Roberts and psychic artist Lucy Byatt, working together they will hsow you how sound can be combined with intuition and how colour and psychic art can lead you on a journey through the light body and into the cosmic realm.  Suitable for all in a lovely old resonant hall within a very cool museum in central Haslemere. DEEP PEACE, STILLNESS AND LIGHT. All very welcome.

Haslemere train station just 45 mins from Waterloo (10 min walk from the station). Also some fantastic cds from Ashera and Tim and instruments for sale.

Workshop: 12-5pm Concert 7-9pm
Price: £60 for the day (includes concert) or just £10 for the evening concert (£5 concessions)