Tunesday 5.28.13

5.28 pm on Tuesday 5.28.13


(Gathering from 5 pm by the kids’ swings)

or wherever you are!

Hi there everyone

So excited to share about a global love meditation happening on Tuesday, 5.28.13  in many countries across the world (Israel, Austria, Croatia, Germany, USA, Canada, Italy and Australia!! (us!!).

We’ll be gathering from 5pm for a 5.28 pm meditation in Byron Bay at the main beach (gathering by the kids’ swings) and then move onto the beach and form a heart shape and tune into our loving hearts and then tuning in with our voices and prayers at 5.28 pm..  Bring warm clothes, a torch (to navigate the rocks!), a flask of hot drink and your friends and family!!

If you’re on Facebook and want to see who’s going, the Byron Bay event is here.
If you want to check out the global event, the link is here.

For those of you into the Dreamspell, we start a new wavespell today which is interesting and perhaps also quite auspicious! All about the red serpent!! Snakes symbolise transformation so let’s shed a skin of the old fearful way of being and embrace our Divine loving selves completely!! It’s also the beginning of 10 Galactic Activation Portal days so let’s harness those beautiful portals to anchor more love and light!  Bring it on!  More info here:

Sound travels four times faster through water and I’d love for us to get our shoes off and get our feet in the ocean which is why I’m making the location Byron Bay main beach!  (I know it will be cold but it won’t be for long!).  For those of you who can’t make it but would love to tune in, I’ll shortly be posting a 528Hz video on my YouTube (to be posted below) to guide you so you know what 528Hz sounds like!  I’ll post this video on this page early next week.

I’m hoping that as many of you tune in whether you make it or not so together we can send out our loving intentions to all beings everywhere!

What part of YOU needs the most love right now?
Who needs the most love right now in YOUR world?
Who needs the most love right now in THE WORLD?
What part of THE EARTH needs the most love in the world?

Sing in the shower and send your love out through the water wherever it travels.  Sing to your heart.  Sing to the hearts of friends, family and all those who are suffering and send out your loving vibes to wherever you feel guided!

Sound with love is the most powerful prayer we have.

Let’s send out all our LOVE TOGETHER at 5.28 pm on Tuesday 5.28.13!I’ll be tuning in with you on the inside as we send out our love together wherever you are!

If you feel inspired, please email me with any stories of how it was for you afterwards too or post on the event on Facebook.

For those of you who want to know some tips on how to prepare yourself beforehand, see the video below.

Maybe c u there!


Sonic blissings 2u all!

Eeshi Ra Hart