What frequencies are best to use when you’re doing sound healing?

I’ve been working with sound for over 16 years and have trained with some of the best (see more here) and for me, at least, it feels so important to choose the most beneficial frequencies for my client or group.

I work on the basis that if I never see them again, I want their experience to be as transformational, helpful, harmonising and profound as possible.  It makes complete sense to my body, mind and spirit that it’s best for us to tune ourselves and our clients with frequencies that are either found in the human body (e.g. the brain, the meridians, the muscles, organs,  etc) or they are found in our solar system as the planetary frequencies as researched by Hans Cousto covered in his book “The Cosmic Octave” which inspired the creation of planetary gongs (by Jens Zygar in collaboration initially with Paiste) & then tuning forks, or they are found as divine mathematical codes (e.g. the Phi ratio code found present in our human DNA, the growth of plants, seashells, or the Universal blueprint of vortex-based mathematics (e.g. Marko Rodin’s free energy coil etc) which can then be converted into Hz and given back to the body as a clearing, recalibrating and harmonising/activating tool.

It’s easy enough to set yourself up with a set of 7 chakra crystal bowls and start doing sessions for individuals or groups with little or no training, but what are those bowls tuned to?

Dr Alberto Villoldo Ph.D is a medical anthropologist and author who’s trained for over 10 years in the Amazon with shamans and seers and he believes that humans as a species are now going through a shift moving from Homo Erectus (not Sapiens) to having a more crystalline cellular structure, birthing our full rainbow light bodies to become what he terms as a new species – Homo Luminous.   It is for this reason, that I believe all crystal instruments are so vital at this time to support that transition.

When I was in Peru in 2006, I met a shaman there, within a few hours of getting off the plane and he had been in the jungle doing a dieta (spiritual retreat and special diet) tuning in with the plant kingdom.  I got my tuning forks out and played the pairs to him.  As I did, his consciousness left the room and when he finally returned minutes later, he told me that the plants told him, the frequencies of the Zobet (where the solfeggio come from) are a sonic form of plant medicine and activating the rainbow light body.  From my own research I have found that these codes have their foundation from the Prime Number Cross and the language of the numbers 24 and 15.  Doing a lot of research into ancient gematria (which corresponds to Geo = Earth, metria = measure) which can also be called “geometria” or geometry, this is essentially what is known today as modern-day numerology.  This unfortunately seems to have lost some of the deep significance of what these codes in ancient texts represent and it is merely talked about like just an interesting pastime like astrology.  During that journey of research I came across a book by Frederick Bligh Bond & Thomas Simcox Lea called “Gematria: A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala” which was first published in 1917 and in that they make reference to the three robes of light the Enatma.

These robes, which are mentioned in other spiritual teachings are made up of the Red, the Green and the Blue which are the RGB of the full light spectrum of the rainbow that graphic artists all know so well.  In Gematria, each robe has a numeric value of 500 and with three robes, 500 x 3 = 1500.  1500 is the gematria for “Phos” which means light in Greek and is the basis of the word phosphorescent that we use today.

For me, it feels far better to tune the body with instruments tuned to natural universal codes or tunings like that of the Zobet (solfeggio) which speak to the pranic energy field and bones/DNA or earthing frequencies which speak to the brain and give the natural vibrations of the Earth humanity so badly needs right now with the use of technology at an all-time high and the many negative ways it impacts us.  More here on that subject.

So why are there so many sound practitioners using crystal bowls and tuning forks tuned to the piano scale?  If they’re using 432Hz tuning this can be very helpful for us and is certainly the best choice of musical tuning for all musical instruments as it’s the most harmonious for the body if you’re playing music and in fact the frequencies of the Zobet speak directly to this musical tuning because they work with codes that work well, so they can in fact be played together.  However, if the musical tuning is 440Hz-based e.g. the musical note of A is tuned to 440Hz, this does little for the body except provide what I call a unification effect, i.e. using any instrument can produce an entrainment of the body to that frequency which may be temporarily useful because it brings everything into attunement to one frequency but if these frequencies don’t exist in nature, then is that the best choice for us?

Sound can be viewed through an oscilloscope or better still with coherent light using a laser, such as one of the ones that have been recently pioneered by Judy Lynne Cole of https://healingpartnerships.info who’s based in the USA.  Back in 2014, we put piano-based music through her laser to find that it produced a brief read out of visual imagery, but not enough to really be conclusive.  In contrast, however, when I played The Unity Codes sound healing audio through her laser, which is a sound healing audio featuring the full 18 Zobet frequencies which is where the solfeggio frequencies are sourced from, not only did it produce a geometry, that geometry started to spin.  Is it possible that such spinning geometry is just like energising water or spinning our DNA because it activates life force?  Check out the video below.  The spinning geometry does shift back and forth, because there is a crossing over of the frequencies in the speakers/headphones.

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The Light Template of the Universe!

I often ask sound practitioners I meet “What came first, the piano or the Universe?”.  The piano has only been around since the early 1700’s and of course, there is no contest with the age of the Universe!!  That has been vibrating its perfect harmony for millennia!  So, instead of using piano-based chakra tuning forks and/or crystal bowls tuned to the piano-based frequencies of C, D, E, surely it’s a better choice to use frequencies that speak directly at a cellular level.  After all, what is the true purpose of sound healing?  Is it not to bring about transformation at a morphogenetic, DNA, cellular level?  If the Zobet frequencies are the same mathematical blueprint of the codes of the Universe, our DNA, bones and actually give a key frequency found in an important part of the human brain that is so helpful for us, could it be that they are perhaps the best choice available to us at such an intense time of planetary transformation?

We certainly need all our wits about us, so we can feel far more in tune with our senses, our bodies, our in-tuition, and our true inner Divine, loving nature, so we can be far more fully in tune with each other, our environment, the Earth, the Divine and the Universe.  We have exciting times ahead and when we are more in tune, we make far more harmonious choices that create more positive and loving vibrations for the good of All!!

Wishing you all the most harmonious vibrations from my heart and the Heart of the Universe to you all!

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