Guided Sound Healing Audios

  • Zobet (solfeggio) tuning fork & ocean audio with guided breathing practice by Dr Rosalba Courtney Ph.D. Great for de-stressing, rebalancing, relief from discomfort, uplifting, energising and getting more in tune with yourself!
  • Massage your body with the power of your mind!  Deeply relax your body's muscles with deep breathing and healing intention from head to toe!  You're just minutes away from a happier, more relaxed and energised you! 20 minute audio for head & shoulders & 40 minute audio to relax your whole body!  Put on your headphones, close your eyes, breathe deeply, de-stress, unwind & relax!
  • Tune your body, mind and spirit to prepare to conceive a child with this evolutionary sound healing audio with guided practice by hypnobirthing expert Foszia Turner-Stylianou and enjoy the benefits of blissful rebalancing sonics to calm, relax and empower you in creating new life!
  • Celebrate and tune into a healthier and happier pregnancy and birth with this innovative sound healing audio series!
  • Tune into your natural state of ecstatic bliss with this sensual evolutionary sound healing audio!
  • Tune into a stress-free day and make it a thing of the past with this innovative guided audio!

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