solfeggio sound healing, 528Hz, 396Hz, solfeggio frequencies, Ashera Hart, sound healing, Body SonicsOur bodies are a hologram.  Not surprising to many of us because we understand how everything is so intrinsically connected.

Mankind was always regarded by the ancients as being a manifestation of the microcosm of the macrocosm.   Each one of us is a part of the whole.  In “Jesus, Sun of God”, David Fideler says:

“Man, composed of body and soul, is a “universe in miniature” an image of “the Celestial Logos” itself “the all-harmonious melodious, holy instrument of God” and “a divine mediator between heaven and earth, between transcendent God and incarnate humanity”.

111 is also the ancient number code for “o micro kosmos’ as mentioned in Marke Pawson’s book “The Numbers of Infinity” and 111Hz is one of the main frequencies we use in solfeggio sound healing for helping the body move from a contracted, fear-based place to one of complete relaxation, openness, & connection.  By unifying within, we can then return to that reassuring place of unity with everything outside us, & fully embody our true divine nature.  To find out more about 111 and 111Hz & the solfeggio, get the ebook here.

The Universe also appears to be holographic and fractal with cells within bigger cells within even bigger cells. There are roughly 100 billion neurons in the brain and science claims there are about 100 billion stars in the galaxy. We have also noted how similar neurons and stars look. Our cells are said to have a nucleus with electrons that orbit it like the planets that orbit their suns which orbit their galaxies which orbit in their local clusters and superclusters.

Check out this picture on the right of the neural pathways in the brain compared with the stars in the galaxy.  How similar are they!

solfeggio sound healing, Body Sonics,sound healing, solfeggio frequencies, 528Hz, 396Hz, 111HzSo if the body is a hologram, it means that when we communicate with one cell or one part of our body, this in turn communicates to all the other cells and more interestingly than this, science is now showing that the presence of biophotons in the body, shows that we are in fact made of light!

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If you’re suffering from some physical challenge e.g. chronic pain, poor energy flow, reduced mobility, etc and would like to explore how to heal your body using the power of sound, particularly solfeggio sound healing frequencies using your voice (Body Sonics), then please book a free 15 minute chat with Eeshi-Ra by emailing us here.