Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

4-11 September 2014

Dolphin smilesA few years ago, off the coast of LA, my colleague Judy Lynne Cole took a yacht off the coast of LA with a cetacean researcher because she believes that the dolphins use the same sonic codes of the Zobet frequencies that we both work with.   She was curious to establish communication with them so played frequencies through the water in the hope that they would respond and then something truly amazing happened!

The first week, after about an hour there were a few hundred dolphins around the small 25′ yacht.

During the second trip, a week later, there were about a thousand dolphins who came around the boat

And the last trip a week later, inspired literally thousands of dolphins to gather around the boat.

There was even communication coming back from the dolphins all of which was recorded.

Unfortunately all the video and audio footage has gone missing (long story!!) and yet had that survived, it could have almost been on the mainstream news, stating contact had been made between our species and the dolphins.

So in the spirit of that discovery, I am doing a research project for a week off the coast of Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia with other sound healers, possibly joined by Frederic Cherri, founder of the cranial sacral bodywork NeoTouch.co and a camera crew from another whale research project.  What if we could prove that these sonic codes are the same language as the whales?? Wouldn’t that be pretty newsworthy!!

Whales are the record keepers of sound and how amazing it would be to find out if they also communicate in the same sonic sacred geometry.

If you feel the call and could potentially be a part of her-story to support this exciting project, please donate what you can below.

For those who gift £50, you will receive a copy of Ashera’a Solfeggio Sound Healing eBook (£9.99 value), and a personal copy of your choice of The Unity Codes (20, 40 minute or 1 hour lengths) (up to £21 value.  More here.) PLUS a 30 minute sound recording of the whales in Hervey Bay.

For those who gift £100, you will receive all the above, PLUS a personal 1 hour Soul Embodiment session (via Skype or in person if you are in Bali).

For those who gift £200, you will receive all the above, PLUS a copy of Ashera’s guided audio sound series Pregnancy (£127 value.  More here) or Fertility (£93 value.  More here.) to gift to yourself or a friend who would like to have children or indeed a friend who is already pregnant PLUS a video of our interaction with these awesome beings during the project.

and for those who gift £500, you will receive all the above, PLUS a copy of Ashera’s debut “In our Mother’s Tongue” sound healing album, PLUS a personal solfeggio tuning fork session if you are in Bali, OR 20 copies of The Unity Codes 3D Ambisonic Nature Mixes emailed to 20 of your friends who you feel would benefit from these beautiful sound healing tools OR 3 Body Sonics sessions via Skype to support you in healing your body (more here).

Your sound healing gifts will be emailed as download links to you after purchase.




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