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On the connection between Christ/Our Divine Solar Self and the Fibonacci sequence

Thursday 3 June – 9.30-11pm at Sunrise Festival in the Avalon Rising Speakers Tent

An exploration of the connection between Christ consciousness, stone circles, the universal language of the Phi ratio/Fibonacci sequence found in nature and your body, a New Jerusalem and the sacred sound of the Zobet (solfeggio). Ashera Hart has been working with the frequencies of the Zobet since 2001 and is currently teaching an 8 week course called “Tools for 2012” since these are important keys to help humanity get more in tune with the shift currently happening on the planet in the lead up to 2012. The frequencies are based on the mathematics and geometry of your body and can be given to the body via tuning forks. It’s a great way of helping your body remember that it’s part of nature and they also help balance both sides of the brain taking you into a Theta brainwave state that is great for deep relaxation/meditation, accessing in-tuition, boosting your immune system, creativity, transforming limiting beliefs, enhanced dream recall/visualisation/memory, problem-solving, super-learning, etc and the frequencies also align/reconnect you spiritually and can be helpful with addiction, depression etc. Sessions available at Sunrise upon request. Ashera has also released her new sound healing CD entitled “The Unity Codes” which feature these sacred sound recalibration tools (with tuning forks and gently crashing ocean waves) so that you can also continue working with the frequencies at home and also use in any healing sessions you might do.

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