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The eyes see in Phi-nitely!

Interesting discovery by Adrian Bejan, professor of mechanical engineering at Duke's Pratt School of Engineering. The original link is here I myself would have gone one step further and said that how interesting it is that the body, whose structure is based on the Phi ratio, finds it easiest to take in information more efficiently [...]

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Blueprint of Creation – NEW BOOK – Out now by Jason O’Hara

The new book by Jason O'Hara regarding how the Zobet/solfeggio numbers are connected to the Fibonacci sequence is OUT NOW! A visual description of the Sacred Geometry of Life. Revealed is the Geometry for the Atomic Blueprint. A journey into the beauty of Numbers and Geometry to see how they reflect the patterns of life. [...]

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Raw Spirit, Santa Barbara, California

Activate your DNA/Divine Blueprint with the Da Vinci Code of Sound with Ashera Hart 5-7 June 2009 at Raw Spirit Festival on Sunday 7 June 2-3.45pm (Interactive Playshops area) For the full schedule click here (What the Zobet looks like when put through an oscilloscope. Interestingly when the same is done with Western tuning music [...]

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A Fibonacci house!!!

Wow how exciting is this. Whilst looking online for Fibonacci spirals I found this amazing house that a couple have been inspired to create based on the Fibonacci! So trippy! Enjoy!

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