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Globe Sound Healing Conference

GLOBE SOUND HEALING CONFERENCE (Scroll down) KEYNOTE presentation by Ashera Hart SOLFEGGIO: Exploding the myths to find the magic A deeper exploration of the maths, gematria and science behind these number codes" Friday, 26 September 2.15-3.30 pm Room 250 Excited to let you all know that I have been invited to present at the Globe Sound [...]

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Wifi Health Dangers

WIFI: PROTECT YOUR HEALTH - Referred to by UK Radiation expert, Barry Trower as the smoking gun/Thalidomide of the 21st century! Wifi and all other technology that is widely recognised now as being harmful to us, eg. mobiles, cordless phones, wifi-based peripherals (wifi keyboards, mouse , bluetooth headsets, speakers etc.)  is being used so [...]

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Solfeggio Voice Workshop

MAKING THE SHIFT! Solfeggio Sound Healing Workshop 2 day workshop, 10-5 pm with introductory talk on Friday before 7.30-10 pm (To book a workshop in your country, please email Ashera direct) (Venue information will be emailed to you once you've booked)  Intro talk starts 7.30 pm featuring a keynote slideshow with Q & A Topics [...]

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The Telegraph – Dangers of mobiles

With no mobile With a mobile (Scans using PIP scanning earlier technology to EFI Photon Pro) Finally a UK paper prints an accurate article and interesting to note that the WHO now admit there might be dangers. Is the mobile phone the 21st century version of tobacco when it was initially [...]

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Getting more in tune! – Radio Interview

I had an interesting synchronicity meeting Carl Munson of from Exeter down at my local healthfood store this week in Kingston upon Thames and we had a quick chat about the power of sound and how it can help our bodies get back in tune with nature. One thing's for sure humanity needs to [...]

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Is Wifi worse than a mobile and what about cordless phones?

Well many of us may choose to ignore the increasing levels of frequent-see in our life through technology and maybe also question whether they're actually safe. For more info on this important subject go to and maybe read here for more uncensored information on this important subject. What do we choose - convenience or [...]

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New species of Dolphin discovered!

2 August 2008 Camera crews have captured the first ever footage of a rare species of dolphins, the Australian snubfin. The snubfins are a species that has only been known to scientists for three years.   A group of researchers looking to the creatures off the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia stumbled upon dozens of dolphins [...]

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LiveH2O (Love528) Summer Solstice 19-21 June global event

Music to set people free Water is the "Universal Solvent".  it cleanses and purifies better than anything else.  Music is the "Universal Language." LOVE is the "universal healer," and Water is the "universal solvent." Put them all together and you have the best kept secret in history--a truth so freeing to human conscientiousness that it [...]

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