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111Hz and cancer

I've had the privilege of working with a client who is choosing to heal her cancer naturally and has been experiencing quite intense pain in her body. She has just completed my Body Sonics programme which is either 3, 6 or 9 sessions where I show my clients how to use specific frequencies for [...]

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Wifi Health Dangers

WIFI: PROTECT YOUR HEALTH - Referred to by UK Radiation expert, Barry Trower as the smoking gun/Thalidomide of the 21st century! Wifi and all other technology that is widely recognised now as being harmful to us, eg. mobiles, cordless phones, wifi-based peripherals (wifi keyboards, mouse , bluetooth headsets, speakers etc.)  is being used so [...]

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Well for those of you who are concerned about the tragedy that's occurred in Japan at Fukushima, you might like to read the pdf attached below and a link to the world's worst nuclear disasters here!  How long is it going to take before humanity realises that a bit like a scorpion who will sting [...]

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The Telegraph – Dangers of mobiles

With no mobile With a mobile (Scans using PIP scanning earlier technology to EFI Photon Pro) Finally a UK paper prints an accurate article and interesting to note that the WHO now admit there might be dangers. Is the mobile phone the 21st century version of tobacco when it was initially [...]

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Is cancer preventable? Oh yes!

This is for those of you who wonder about whether cancer is a dis-ease or whether it's actually something we create ourselves, whether knowingly or not!!! And one moment before you get upset with me because you've got a family member or friend ill with cancer (I've lost 4 family members to cancer) and you think [...]

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Michael Jackson – The King of Pop – At Peace Now!

What a gifted soul who shared the beauty of rhythm, love and dance in a unique and fascinating way. News story here and was his death an accident?  Check out this important article on the dangers of pharamaceutical drugs. Some may well be beneficial but there are over 10,000 deaths a year in the UK [...]

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Obama to order not 1 or 2 BUT 3 shots for swine flu!???

In 1976 US Congress inoculated every US citizen for swine flu (45 million shots!), only 1 person died of it but 30 died and were seriously injured from the shots. There's no scientific proof to say vaccinations work. What gets your vote? Copied from info attached to the YouTube video:- This video is from AwakenAmerica's [...]

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Swine Flu – Don’t worry ’bout a thing!

Swine flu? Oh please, just another excuse for the pharmaceutical companies to make big bucks and in 1976 it was really not that different. 45 million vaccinations later and 52 deaths but not one from swine flu! A complete fiasco. Don't believe everything you hear for sure! If you want to know more also check [...]

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