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Globe Sound Healing Conference

GLOBE SOUND HEALING CONFERENCE (Scroll down) KEYNOTE presentation by Ashera Hart SOLFEGGIO: Exploding the myths to find the magic A deeper exploration of the maths, gematria and science behind these number codes" Friday, 26 September 2.15-3.30 pm Room 250 Excited to let you all know that I have been invited to present at the Globe Sound [...]

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Have you got your copy yet?

Have you got your personal copy of The Unity Codes yet? Having a bad day?  Not sleeping well?  Feeling stressed?  The frequencies I can help! How would it be if you could download something instantly, import it into iTunes, either sync it to your phone or just drink a glass of water, add headphones, lie [...]

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Solfeggio Voice Workshop

MAKING THE SHIFT! Solfeggio Sound Healing Workshop 2 day workshop, 10-5 pm with introductory talk on Friday before 7.30-10 pm (To book a workshop in your country, please email Ashera direct) (Venue information will be emailed to you once you've booked)  Intro talk starts 7.30 pm featuring a keynote slideshow with Q & A Topics [...]

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Earthdance – Global Peace Meditation – Midnight, Saturday 24.9.11

Healing Partnerships, UniPhi & VJ Coresnfx are proud to present The Tone Zone Meditations The Love Activator Join with us for Earthdance on Saturday 24 September 2011 for the Prayer for Peace at 12 MIDNIGHT (British Summer Time) at this amazing global peace event which is now in its 14th year!!! and join with over 200 [...]

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Hi there everyone Just wanted to let you know that I now have up on this website my Zobet/sound healing DVD so if you've not managed to make a class and would love to know the special importance of these frequencies for humanity at this time in the lead up to 2012, then you can [...]

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Blueprint of Creation – NEW BOOK – Out now by Jason O’Hara

The new book by Jason O'Hara regarding how the Zobet/solfeggio numbers are connected to the Fibonacci sequence is OUT NOW! A visual description of the Sacred Geometry of Life. Revealed is the Geometry for the Atomic Blueprint. A journey into the beauty of Numbers and Geometry to see how they reflect the patterns of life. [...]

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