Kaiser Center Tower, Oakland, California

26-29 SEPTEMBER 2014

“Solfeggio: Exploding the myths and finding the magic” Keynote presentation
A deeper exploration of the maths, gematria and science behind these number codes
by Ashera Hart
At the atomic level our body is made up of numbers!
There has been increasing confusion in recent times on the internet about these number codes so if you’re curious to move beyond the hype, experience a lifting of the veil (the real apocalypse!), then come journey into the divine blueprint of the Universe and discover why these number codes can be so useful for humanity at this time of planetary crisis and evolution.
Who would we be without our programming?  Is there a way we can step free of the Matrix?
What if there was a series of number codes we could convert into sound and give back to the body to help us to activate our full potential?
When we are completely in tune we make better choices and sound is a potent tool we have available to us to help our species survive
This presentation will also include a brief introduction to Body Sonics.  How you can become your own healer using the power of the voice tuned to these amazing healing number codes!  More info here


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Ashera Hart has over 15 years’ experience in the sound healing world and is a sound healing practitioner, international keynote speaker, singer and workshop facilitator.  In 2001 she received the answer to a year-long question to the Universe asking if there was a sound or a series of sounds that can be given to the body to help humanity get more in tune, and shortly after that, she met her mentor Randy Masters and has been working since 2001 with the frequencies of the Zobet (that the solfeggio are sourced from).Ashera was the International Co-Ordinator for Earthdance (1998-2001) & the original voice on the Earthdance Prayer for Peace and has been committed to creating peace for many years through planetary lightwork, ceremony and global meditation.In 2006, Ashera made an important discovery of the link to these number codes and the mathematics of the Universe as outlined in the book “The Blueprint of Creation” (Jason O’Hara) and the maths are further explained in “God’s Secret Formula” by German physicist Dr Peter Plichta (inventor of silicon rocket fuel)..  Based on the mathematical design of the Universe, nature and the human body (bones/DNA) & as used in the medical world today, she believes them to be important keys to help humanity rebalance & get more in tune with our bodies, nature, the divine and the shift currently occurring on the planet.  The frequencies can help de-stress, balance both sides of the brain, take us into a Theta brainwave state which is great for deep relaxation/meditation, personal transformation boosting brain power, in-tuition, immunity, memory etc.
Ashera has pioneered the creation of sound healing audio collaborating with other personal transformation experts; co-founded the sound healing journey Sonic Enchantment (now known as The Frequency Shift); and pioneered vocal healing workshop & celluluar healing protocol Body Sonics.  Titles of audios include The Unity Codes, Stress Relief, Breathing, Energetic Massage, Fertility, Pregnancy, Self Pleasuring etc.  She has also co-founded Sex Sonics with Eve Glimma (Australia) (Somatic Sexologist, Sex Educator & Pleasure Coach) which is an evolutionary way of healing sexual trauma and awakening the ecstatic response.
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