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Sonic Sanctum Space Clearing sound healing audio now available!  This is a repackaged version of The Unity Codes which is perfect for space clearing as this solfeggio sound healing audio is equally useful for resetting the Divine Blueprint in any space or place.  To listen to a sample, click below:

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Listen below to The Unity Codes (Tuning forks & ocean)

Drink water before & after & best played on headphones, breathing deeply with eyes closed.  Enjoy!

The Unity Codes 3D Ambisonic Headphone Nature Mix

Sample 1 from the beginning 3D_Ambisonic_prv1.mp3

Sample 2 towards the end 3D_Ambisonic_prv2.mp3

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These feature the frequencies of The Unity Codes, plus a guided practice with a self-development expert with a specific focus.

BREATHING Audio Sample – Please click below

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ENERGETIC MASSAGE Audio Samples – Please click below

01 – Intro 01_EM_Intro.mp3
02 – Head & Shoulders 02_EM_H_S_prvw.mp3
03 – Full body 03_EM_Full_body_prvw.mp3

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FERTILITY Audio Samples – Please click below

Audio 1 Becoming Peaceful 01 Becoming Peaceful
Audio 2 Clearing the Path 02 Clearing the Path
Audio 3 Planting the Seed Planting the Seed
Audio 4 Conceiving the Future Conceiving the Future

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PREGNANCY Audio Samples – Please click below

Audio 1 – Celebrating Pregnancy 01_Pregnancy_prvw.mp3
Audio 2 – Healthy Pregnancy 02_Pregnancy_prvw.mp3
Audio 3 – Birth Rehearsal 03_Pregnancy_prvw.mp3
Audio 4 – For the Birth (includes dolphins) 04_Pregnancy_prvw.mp3
Audio 5 – Bonding with your baby/Breastfeeding 05_Pregnancy_prvw.mp3

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SELF PLEASURING Audio Samples – Please click below

Intro Intro_SP.mp3

Sample 1: Self_Pleasuring_p1.mp3
Sample 2: Self_Pleasuring_p2.mp3
Sample 3: Self_Pleasuring_p4.mp3

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STRESS RELIEF –  To listen please click below

Stress Relief Audio Sample

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Or to find out more and listen to all audio samples, please click here

To find out more about “In our Mother’s Tongue” Sound healing Audio with Eeshi-Ra’s ethereal vocals and acoustic instruments with specific musical tunings to benefit the key elements/organs of the body, please go here, or “The Shekinah Transmissions” with Eeshi-Ra’s vocals and sound healing instruments, please go here.

For The Unity Codes go here, and The 108 Gamma Codes here and Earthing here.