Awaken the heart and the kingdom of heaven within ever more deeply
by tuning into the 528Hz solfeggio sound healing frequency
with this sacred sonic Balinese temple bell

This unique sacred Dorje style bell in brass is tuned to a higher harmonic of 528Hz & made by the chief bellmakers for the highest Balinese Mangku’s (Temple Priests & Priestesses) for sacred ceremony. They hold the bell in the left hand symbolic of fire and they purify with water using the right hand.

528Hz is a solfeggio sound healing frequency to awaken our hearts and the kingdom of heaven within, to deepen self love and so our love for others. The heart in Hindu tradition is also the element of fire. Highest quality design with a strong resonant sound that sustains for a long time. Quality with a capital Q!

This code of Light can also energise and help us feel our connection to Source and ALL that is.  In sacred texts it is the sacred number for “The Key”.  The Key to the Heart and the Kingdom of Heaven within.  When we tune into the Love that we are, we attune to our true Divine nature whether you want to call that Christ self, Buddhahood or Krishna consciousness.  It is LOVE pure and simple!.

This Solfeggio sound healing frequency is also known for healing DNA and has certainly been very pivotal for most of my clients to enable them to fully step into the Love, Light and Truth of who they really are!

A truly potent space clearer, energiser, and attunement to the Divine and to the Light within!

Adorned with different gemstones for the heart, base chakra and connection to Spirit.

Peridot for the heart centre and carnelian for the base chakra at the bottom closest to the bell, and amethyst and clear quartz for the crown chakra at the top.  Weighs approximately 800g and comes in a gold velvet drawstring bag.

Want to learn how to play it too?  Learn with me in an online course coming very soon!  There’s a REAL art to using this in ceremony to maximise all the sound healing benefits.  Stay tuned!