barefoot-in-the-grassIn today’s Western world, we have many different types of technology that can negatively impact us, that may interfere with our body’s energy, so we may get tired more easily, struggling to get through the day and need to perk ourselves up with cups of coffee; or we get ungrounded, making it hard for us to navigate any daily stresses we have; or maybe we succumb to the pressure of deadlines (instead of lifelines!) and other people’s emotional states and it leaves us overwhelmed or overloaded energetically and up in our heads, thinking too much, which can lead to us being more out of touch with our bodies, forgetting to drink when we’re thirsty, or feeding ourselves on food that isn’t what our body actually wants.  In a society that encourages us to always be at our best, we then may just push down that stress and upset emotions and just keep going, and when this is left undealt with or unexpressed, this can often lead to dis-ease at a later date.

There is now research that shows a major link to the lack of grounding, (more recently called “Earthing”) and inflammation in the body and according to author of “Earthing” Clinton Ober, 85% of dis-ease is linked to inflammation.  Dr Neil Cherry has also shown through his research the effect particularly of mobile phones on our body’s connection with the Earth.

A recent client shares this about her experience:-

“What Eeshi-Ra does is unique to anything I have experienced in terms of deep nourishment to the cells and something much deeper than that.  I think having a massage before receiving the tuning forks is so valuable as she is such a skilled bodyworker and then you’re fully available to receive her deeper work.  There’s something very sacred about her presence and work”. – Barbara – Cranial-Sacral therapist

Earthing has many benefits that include things like the ability to discharge the buildup of electro-magnetic frequencies from the devices we use, and re-energise through our feet, but often in the city we don’t either find the time or it’s hard to find a patch of green in the concrete jungle.

Can it really be that simple to take our shoes off and have a walk on the beach or in our nearby park or garden?  Well yes and no.

With sound healing, there are a great choice of frequencies that can be given to the body using tuning forks, that can help the busy urban person, get more in tune on every level and increasingly it seems that Earthing is a very vital thing that we as humans all need!

“I have had several massage and sound healing sessions with Eeshira and each time they were so deeply relaxing I found myself drifting off to sleep. All my knots and tension dissolved under her healing hands and I noticed increased flexibility in my shoulders. Eeshira has a deep knowledge of sound as a healing modality and is a compassionate and intuitive healer. Highly recommended”. – Belinda B., Events Organiser

Hear about Samantha’s and Ineka’s experience below:

Benefits from an Earthing tuning forks session may include:-

  • Deep relaxation/more peace-full mind to aid deeper sleep
  • Great for muscle tension
  • Brain hemispheric rebalancing
  • Increased energy flow in your body
  • Deeper levels of centeredness and grounding
  • Deeper connection & being more in tune with your body wisdom e.g. food, water etc
  • Great for stress, or anxiety
  • Uplifting your mood
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improved circulation
  • Spiritual attunement and accessing deeper states of unity
  • A deeper feeling of bliss in your body, especially when combined with your healing intention!

“Eeshi-Ra gave me a wonderful 30 minute tuning fork session in August 2017.  It was a beautiful, transformational session.  She lovingly took the time to explain about tuning forks and the positive effects they can have on the body.  Her heart felt so big and she was fully present, connected, grounded and I could feel her high vibrational frequency through her words and the session.  She has the energy and voice of an angel and has a very calming effect.  My nervous system already felt calmer once I laid on the table, especially calmer once the session was going on.  The frequencies of the forks cleared out any pain, stress, tension and worry that I was experiencing, alchemizing my body into love, unity and uplifted feelings.  Throughout the session, I felt waves of peace and tranquility.  I was able to melt away and I could feel the brilliant effects of energy moving throughout my body from the tuning forks.  She went up and down my spine many times and each time I could feel the changes taking place.  It felt like waves of pure energy swimming through my cells, renewing and refreshing me.  It felt as if all the stuff I was wanting to let go of had the space and freedom to move through and clear out.  I was washed over with warmth and renewed vibrancy.  It was a superb attunement and I felt like a whole new woman afterwards!  Her compassion and love radiated during the session (really the whole time I was with her, I could feel her beautiful energy).  I was experiencing cramping (pre-moon cycle feminine symptoms) and the whole experience eased the cramping substantially, feeling so much more at ease.  Whenever I get my tuning fork training, she sure will be my teacher!  She is knowledgeable and explains what each fork is for and gently guides you into the session.  Please do yourself a favour and get a tuning fork session and/or training with the lovely Eeshi-Ra Hart” – Brook – Journalist, The Shakti Journal

If you’d like to find out more, please either book below, or sign up for a free 15 minute Skype with Eeshi-Ra here to see if that’s the best choice of session for you.

“Thank you for the sound healing, I found it to be truly such a nourishing experience especially after to detox my body has undergone prior, it was a perfect way to end. And you held such a safe and accepting space allowing for deeper letting go experience. Would love to meet again.  Many thanks!! – Trish