Practitioner set of 18 Zobet forks & 136.1Hz

//Practitioner set of 18 Zobet forks & 136.1Hz

Practitioner set of 18 Zobet forks & 136.1Hz





Set of 18 Zobet forks (where the solfeggio is derived from) in two velvet pouches with 1 x weighted Earthing fork.  If you have invested in the practitioner tuning fork video training series, special practitioner discount applies.  Please email Eeshi-Ra for details here.  (N.B. Forks do NOT include additional spheres or encoder underneath.  This is my set!).  N.B. Price does NOT include postage and packing from the USA.  This will be added once we know your address.  Delivery time: As these forks are individually custom-made, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery approximately.  Customs fees may be payable.

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