Batik Flower of Life Session Encoder/Shrine Cloth

//Batik Flower of Life Session Encoder/Shrine Cloth

Batik Flower of Life Session Encoder/Shrine Cloth


Attune all your sound healing instruments with the sacred geometry of the Universe!


Maximise the healing potential of your sound healing sessions with this unique handmade coloured Batik Flower of Life encoder/shrine cloth.  It is the perfect partner to work with sound healing frequencies that are based on universal maths or the Earth’s natural vibrations that naturally speak to the cells in our body (e.g. solfeggio/Zobet, Schumann, Geomagnetic, Om etc) since they are also based on the divine blueprint of all creation!  This is particularly useful given the amount of electromagnetic pollution we are subjected to pretty much anywhere. It can also help re-align/shift the energy of any space you’re working in, especially if you have to visit the client instead and have limited set up time.

Dimensions: 1 m x 1 m

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