Activate your Light Body 3 tuning fork set

//Activate your Light Body 3 tuning fork set

Activate your Light Body 3 tuning fork set


with FREE eBook (1.2MB)
& Activator



396Hz, 528Hz and 111Hz tuning fork set comes with a velvet pouch, activator and a FREE Solfeggio Sound Healing eBook to give you a wide variety of tips on how to apply the frequencies for yourself or others.  You will be emailed the eBook download link immediately, so please download ASAP (8.5MB PDF file). Customs fees may apply.  Delivery time: As these forks are individually custom-made from the USA, if you’re located in Europe or anywhere other than North America or Canada, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery approximately if ordering in Europe.  North America or Canada, may be considerably quicker.

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