528Hz MP3 above for you to listen to, to match your voice singing “Ah” as we tune in with each other this Summer Soul-stice!

Hi everyone

This is a duplicate of the Facebook event detailing the ceremony on June 21st summer soul-stice at 4pm at Glastonbury Tor and unfortunately some people who don’t have a Facebook account haven’t been able to access the information so I’m putting it here too.

528Hz is a very important vibration for humanity’s ascension in the lead up to 2012.  It represents the new vibration and the key to the door for us all!

In gematria (Geometria – geo = earth, metria = measure or geometry!) which is the ancient study of numbers and geometry popular in the Hebrew and Greek traditions, 528 is regarded is the gematria for “the key” to the House of David and “the dawn” and “the breaking forth of light” or “the Day of his coming” (the Second Coming/Messiah in us all) so it is most helpful for helping us in our process of awakening (in consciousness & dimensional reality – back to love!). Also used by Dr Bernard Lorenzen to make clustered water so very good for rejuvenating your body and it sends a wake up call to all your cells. Harness this frequency to energise/encode your water/food and shift your whole body’s water too. Tuning fork sets of 528 and 396 available from me too. Tune in your voice too and feel your heart’s love on a whole other level!

Ever since William Blake penned the poem and Hubert Parry scored the anthem, English men and women have sung of the mystic union of the Isle of Avalon and Jerusalem.

When in ancient times a myth arose about Joseph of Arimathea bringing the Holy Grail from Jerusalem to Glastonbury in the first century, a link was created between Glastonbury and The Holy City.

Join us in a summer solstice celebration to renew the ancient association between these two sacred places and to send our love and support to the Holy City.

On Monday June 21st thousands of people, including Muslims, Jews and Christians will link hands round the old city of Jerusalem and hug it to promote a lasting peace in the Middle East.

Nalini, currently in Israel , had the vision to link the Jerusalem Hug with a hug of Glastonbury Tor to bring the Goddess and Grail energy of Avalon in support of this action for peace and religious tolerance in The Holy Land. Johanna van Fessem, who walked to Jerusalem carrying the Grail energy in her heart from Glastonbury, will head the ceremony on the Tor commencing at 16:30 to link in with the start of the Hug in Jerusalem. Half an hour before the Jerusalem Hug crystal bowls will start sounding the 528 frequencies at every gate of the old city. If you have them bring your crystal bowls to the Tor to sound this frequency from 16:00 to 16:30. Come with your voice and your heart first to sing ‘Jerusalem’ and then to drum together parallel with the drummers at Jerusalem. Endeavour to be up on Glastonbury Tor by 15:45 on Summer solstice. Tell everyone you know and come with a car full of friends.

Jerusalem Hug on Glastonbury Tor Monday 21st of June 2010.

15.45 Assemble on the Tor
16.00 – 16.30 Crystal Bowls sounding
16.30 Ceremonial Hug of Tower and singing of Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’.
16.45 Drumming

The Flower of Life

Flower of Life artwork commissioned for Essense and other events.
Artwork done by Morgan Paton (futurequad@googlemail.com)
Red and Green & violet Blue for the activation of the three robes of our rainbow light body. RGB is used in most graphic software we use today and these 3 colours are the basis of the rainbow!  Gold is for activiating Christ consciousness (awakening to your
divine/loving nature – nothing to do with Christianity – just awakening us as fully loving human beings), pink is for divine/unconditional love and the violet flame is for transmuting the old vibration of fear into the light of truth.

Visualise the Flower of Life sending out its powerful light vibrations to harmonise all separation/suffering and heal it back into a place of connection since everything is unified all the time, we just have to allow our minds to real-eyes that!

Using the sound “Om” or “Ah” or “Aum mani peme hung” (a more powerful version of “Aum mani padme hum”) tuned to the 528Hz frequency amplifies the power of the prayer and using the power of your voice is the most powerful form of prayer we have!

Visualising the amazing quality of fluorescent pink helps ground the vibrational shift after ceremony and also gold helps activate Christ consciousness. Nothing to do with Christianity but everything to do with the loving and amazing divine being that you truly are!

Our love is the power to transform our world, let us send it out now!

(taken from the Earthdance “Prayer for Peace” which I did the original voiceover for!)

United as One we chant!

May peace be manifest on Earth right now and for evermore!


Om Shanti

528Hz MP3 below for you to listen to, to match your voice singing “Ah” as we tune in with each other this Summer Soul-stice!