What is Earthing and why do we all need it?  Do you, your friends, family or clients suffer with stress, insomnia, depression or low energy?  Did you know that it might be because of not fully receiving the beneficial vibrations of the Earth that can often be reduced because of the busy lives we lead and the technology we use?

Back in March 2017, I had an 8 minute session on an Earthing mat called the Omnium which is used by NASA for their astronauts in space.  It pulses one of the main frequencies of the Earth called the Schumann Resonance which vibrates on average at approximately 7.83Hz.  This frequency is from a series of frequencies or “Schumann Resonances” that relate to the lightning strikes occurring around our planet, that are essentially standing waves broadcasting in the ionosphere (or energy field of the Earth) which is about 80 km above us.  Interestingly, but certainly not surprisingly, this directly speaks to our brains when we are in our natural waking state as that Alpha brainwave state of alertness varies between about 8-13Hz or cycles per second.

You may find a lot of information being circulated on research showing that the Schumann Resonance is increasing dramatically.  These claims are not true and for more on the science relating to this, please go here.

While I was on the mat, my whole body flooded with more warmth as my blood circulation was boosted and I got off the mat feeling more calm, centred, revitalised, grounded and deeply relaxed – after just 8 minutes!  Wow!     I was so inspired by my experience, that I reverse-engineered it and created a way of using tuning forks that can do the same thing and more!  Would you like to feel uplifted, more positive, get an energy boost (for your 75 trillion cells), accelerate your body’s ability to heal, feel more grounded etc?  Come for a forks session or a session on the mat, or better still learn how to help yourself and others feel so much more relaxed and in tune!  Find out more here and for more on the Earthing tuning fork course which is shortly to be available online in early 2018 please go here.

BENEFITS of PEMF/Earthing may include:-

* Energy boost for your 75 trillion cells!
* Improved blood circulation
* Great for detox/lymphatic drainage
* Decreases swelling, inflammation and pain!
* Counteracts electro-stress from devices
* Better nutrient and oxygen uptake
* Promotes deeper sleep
* Immune system boost
* Accelerate the body’s ability to heal
* Emotionally uplifting and empowering
* Aids a positive mindset
* Earthing/grounding
* Increased ATP (cellular energy) production
* Anti-oxidation regulation

Experience the life-enhancing benefits of pulsed vibrations from the Earth (the Schumann).
Over 10,000 PEMF studies showing its benefits.  Access what NASA give their astronauts in space!

Some people say well surely isn’t it the same as just taking my shoes off and walking or lying on the earth?  Whilst earthing in that way has many benefits as shown below in “The Science of Grounding” short documentary film, the electr0-magnetism of the Earth has been declining for centuries so we cannot get the same amount of electrical geo-magnetic sustenance that our ancestors used to especially if they were wearing no shoes!  That’s where Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation/PEMF comes in (iMRS) and Swiss Bionic have been a market leader for over 20 years!  The Omnium mat (see left) is actually portable (great for expos, outdoor events, festivals and unlike any other device on the market, it tunes your biorhythms to the time of the day with a special inbuilt biorhythm clock changing the strength of the program to suit you and the time of day.  What an evolutionary opportunity!

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Hear about Ineka’s and Samantha’s experiences of Earthing Tuning Fork sessions below.

See below for some other interesting videos talking about how PEMF is in fact the 5th element of Health after oxygen, air, light and gravity, and see its effect on the blood after just 8 minutes!

And here’s a great video on The Science of Grounding featuring Clinton Ober, the author of “Earthing”.  (“Take off your shoes, they make you sick”)

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And if you research online about PEMF you’ll find some suppliers claiming that more powerful is better, but in fact nature is really gentle so LESS is MORE!

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