Getting more in tune! – Radio Interview

I had an interesting synchronicity meeting Carl Munson of www.trayradio.com from Exeter down at my local healthfood store this week in Kingston upon Thames and we had a quick chat about the power of sound and how it can help our bodies get back in tune with nature. One thing's for sure humanity needs to [...]

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09.09.09 Global Emerge and See Meditation ALL DAY!!!

Zu Studios Phoenix Place Phoenix Industrial Estate Lewes  BN7 2QJ from 8pm for a 9pm global meditation till midnight! For global time conversion go here Dear Friends and Family! This is a global meditation happening at Zu Studios and I will also be giving a short talk on the significance of these sacred sonic keys [...]

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LiveH2O (Love528) Summer Solstice 19-21 June global event

Music to set people free Water is the "Universal Solvent".  it cleanses and purifies better than anything else.  Music is the "Universal Language." LOVE is the "universal healer," and Water is the "universal solvent." Put them all together and you have the best kept secret in history--a truth so freeing to human conscientiousness that it [...]

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