The Lost Power of Prayer

Wow I just watched a really interesting video with Gregg Braden talking about certain passages of the Bible that got removed which was later found in the Nag Hammadi papyrus scrolls in Egypt in 1945. I honestly believe these to be the keys to our empowerment and freedom. There’s a great passage in it [...]

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I Love You Rice Experiment

People say that everything inside us is vibration and everything outside us is vibration,  too and science has now concluded this to be true which is why sound healing in many of its forms has been widely in the medical world over almost a century!  The world of cymatics certainly shows us how sound [...]

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111Hz and Burns

Tune In Bliss Out! A yoga teacher I know in Bali recently suffered bad burns after an accident in the kitchen and because I no longer live in Bali, my sonic osteopathic friend (who has invested in some tuning forks from me) went to visit her and used one of her 111Hz [...]

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