I’ve been working with the Solfeggio/Zobet set of sound healing frequencies since 2001 which are based on the codes of creation, the divine design of our bodies, nature and the Universe.  I also combine that sound healing work with the sacred geometry symbol, the Flower of Life.  Why? At the point of cell fertilization whilst making love, one sperm enters and fertilizes the egg, the cells multiply from 1 to 2, from 2 to 4, to 8, to 16, to 32 and at 64 cells, that bundle of cells can either become an elephant or an earthworm.  This simply also expresses the codes of creation so it can be a powerful transmitter to align our energies back to our natural and divine design.

A few years back, I felt inspired to find someone to create some batiks using different colours that carry different healing qualities and have been having them lovingly handmade in Bali.

The treatment/session table covers have purple for the spiritual/crown chakra, pink for unconditional love, liac/violet for the transmutational benefits of the Violet Flame that clears through all negativity and raises our vibration, and a deep fuchsia pink for the benefits of love with the spiritual wisdom combined.

Zobet forks solfeggio, Phi ratio, Golden Mean, Prime numbers, Contact movieI have also had made sound instrument encoders (same design but 1m x 1m) to place your sound healing instruments on.  These session table covers and altar cloths/encoders are great for creating instant sacred space or for keeping your table or client clear of the impact of negative energies whether that’s electrosmog from technology you’re using, emotional disturbances, or even physical challenges.  It optimises energy flow, and helps the mind, body & spirit stay attuned to its original divine design.  The perfect combo using solfeggio/Zobet frequencies that hold the codes of creation and the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life which also holds those same codes of creation too!

For me this is the perfect combination of sound healing frequency and light/sacred geometry to reset us at a physical and energetic level.

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