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Piano based or natural sound healing frequencies?

What frequencies are best to use when you're doing sound healing? I've been working with sound for over 16 years and have trained with some of the best (see more here) and for me, at least, it feels so important to choose the most beneficial frequencies for my client or group. I work on [...]

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Why the Schumann is not increasing

What is the Schumann Resonance? The Schumann Resonance is a series of vibrations (or "Resonances") that are electro-magnetic standing waves broadcasting in the ionosphere (or energy field of the Earth) which is about 34 miles/55 km above us. The spherical cavity of the ionosphere above our earth is electrically positively charged, whilst the earth’s [...]

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FEEL MORE IN TUNE WITH YOU! What is Earthing and why do we all need it?  Do you, your friends, family or clients suffer with stress, insomnia, depression or low energy?  Did you know that it might be because of not fully receiving the beneficial vibrations of the Earth that can often be reduced [...]

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