What an honour it was to be invited to speak at the 2nd Archaeo-Acoustics conference this year held in Istanbul in Turkey.

It was a little challenging for me given that most of the other speakers on the have a Ph.D!

That said, I rose to the occasion and produced a presentation entitled “Why 111Hz and why now?” since there are some ancient sacred sites that have been found to vibrate at this frequency which has been found present as a standing wave in one or more of the chambers of each site.

My presentations are usually between 2-3 hours long so it was an interesting exercise to reduce my presentation to the bear essentials without losing any of the key elements.

New Scientist coverI had the wonderful support of my good friend Flint Chalk who has done archaeo-acoustic research with Brian Barritt after Paul Devereux’s work became so popular due to the Channel 4 documentary shown in 2001 covering his research and the book he wrote about this fascinating subject – “Stone Age Soundtracks.”  He’s been doing amazing work with the NHS in the UK (National Health Service), and getting an 80% re-attendance rate in secure lock-up mental health wards in London.  He kindly looked over my presentation before I went to Turkey as he had presented the year before and a journalist from the New Scientist had been at that conference and just a few weeks before (12 September), had published an article featuring Flint’s great work.

My goal was to join together the dots of five main areas of enquiry, archaeo-acoustic research to date that highlights the presence of 111Hz in certain ancient sites, the mathematics of nature and the Universe, the estoeric maths found in ancient texts called Gematria, the scientific research done by Princeton University and UCLA , the maths of the Zobet (where the solfeggio sound healing frequencies are sourced from) and what medical therapies already offer treatment with 111Hz and its benefits.

A lot to cram into 40 minutes but I did it!

The organiser was also very impressed with the many areas of enquiry that I covered!